• Mercury

    by: rpeterclark

    For winamp5+
    4 player modes to select from, Playlist Editor shade mode, sliding tab system, playback controls on all components, 50 color themes. Mercury is second in the Solor System Series, watch for Jupiter... -rpeterclark
  • Illuminator RX

    by: c-specter

    For winamp2+
    my latest skin for wa2. hope you like it! next time maybe one for wa3... ---------- www.artexgen.com-c-specter
  • KalaK Amplifier (Updated for wa2.9x)

    by: razmansix

    For winamp2+
    This skin is now wa2.9x ready. FINALLY! I should have done this a looong time ago. The skin has undergone quite a few small changes and fixes - guess you'll find out! As you can see I plan alt-razmansix
  • Doomed

    by: askarin

    For winamp2+
    Oh well , its been a while since I submitted anything , so here you go , the minibrowser and avs will be in this breed release.I did this skin for myself and for those of you who know doom series , an-askarin
  • Necromech

    by: Peacemaker

    For winamp2+
    Necromech, a skin made for myself and to share with all of you. a friend of mine joe garrett suggested to me that a h.r giger styled skin should be put on the agenda for my next project. i thought wh-Peacemaker
  • Obsession

    by: SMAR Designs

    For winamp2+
    02-10-2007 / Updated to new wa version, added windows (video, media library, etc.) Created for BreedArt pack #22 - http://www.breedart.org My 2nd skin made for the new Breedpack. Took a bit longer t-SMAR Designs
  • Arora Efex Mix Color Pack

    by: xenosomething

    For winamp2+
    Color pack with 8 colors.... The file is a 1.9mb zip so you have to extract them the the skins folder. Remix of peacemakers "arora efex": http://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?s-xenosomething
  • Red Cobra

    by: c-specter

    For winamp2+
    Red Cobra for wa2.91 part of breed's 23th pack "Iniquitous" the skin works well with darker wp's. not much to say... quite happy with the result. hope you dig it! enjoy! /c-spe-c-specter
  • D-Reliction

    by: Plague

    For winamp5+
    D-Reliction By: Kriptoner (gfxs) / Plague (code). Main Features: - 3 player modes (full, baby and resizable stick). - playlist stick mode. - 20 funky "pinball styled" visualizations. - slid-Plague
  • S1 High Definition

    by: Kartal

    For winamp2+
    Version 1.5d Enjoy.... For more : http://www.georgeharrison.deviantart.com-Kartal
  • GrayZ

    by: VAG

    For winamp5+
    Metaskins Team presents: GrayZ a Winamp5 Modern Skin. 2 modes All Components Skinned Unique Notifier Themes 7 Visualizations Special Effects & Tooltips New Features created for a skin Amazing usa-VAG
  • S2 High End

    by: Kartal

    For winamp2+
    color themes are now available at http://www.georgeharrison.deviantart.com-Kartal
  • Wolfpack_Amp

    by: zeolyte

    For winamp2+
    my first ever winamp classic skin... dedicated to the Wolfpack team which is a group of theme designers over at mobile9.com colorthemes can be found here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/32797476-zeolyte
  • Graviton

    by: Skin Consortium

    For winamp5+
    5th skin by Skin Consortium Take a ride on Graviton With Unique user interface that on Mouse over changes to Play Buttons. Totally configurable to your liking. Change Button Order around at the base-Skin Consortium
  • blink.bot

    by: Peacemaker

    For winamp2+
    blink.bot v1 designed in collaboration with GaretJax, this is our first skin in 2008, we present to you blink.box, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do making it, thanks from Joe and Mike.-Peacemaker
  • Viper.Bot

    by: GaretJax

    For winamp2+
    A collaborative effort from peacemaker and garetjax. Viper.Bot and Blink.Bot are similar in nature like lost siblings they share alot but, are different in many ways. We encourage you to find out for -GaretJax
  • cPro Insomnis

    by: zrco

    For winamp5+
    cPro - Insomnis v2 (with Colorthemes) ClassicPro 1.03 is a plugin that you'll need to install in order to use any cPro skin with Colorthemes support. Go to: http://cpro.skinconsortium.com for mo-zrco
  • cPro smpldrk

    by: Veroka

    For winamp5+
    classic Pro version of smple.drk by skryingbreath You need the cPro plugin by SkinConsortium. This skin wouldn't be possible without the inspiration taken from the following works: * SimpleDar-Veroka
  • Cyanian2010

    by: Wilian Souza

    For winamp5+
    It´s been a long time since I released my first ClassicPro skin (The last submitted was Munchen, more than 2 years ago!). From then to now I finished another ones, but ideas for something really good-Wilian Souza
  • S7Reflex

    by: daniel sioneanu

    For winamp5+
    -daniel sioneanu
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