cPro2 Styler – Skin project

cPro2 skin bundled with all the original PSD files for you to freely modify and try out what you want. Everything is properly named and grouped. With color codes for layers and labels for gammagroups to make your own color themes.
There is also a mini tutorial on how to change graphics from the skin.

And of course, there is the skin itself, in 3 versions: Normal, Radiance and Touchscreen
4 Beat vis // 66 color themes

Hope you enjoy it and get inspired to try some skinning! Comments are welcomed. Cheers!

This download contains: 3 skins / all PSD files / PDF tutorial

+ Meet the Magic of Color Themes (https://winampers.tumblr.com)

NOTE 1: Remember to install the Classic Pro plugin before using this skin (what makes the skin work in a single window).

NOTE 2: Remember to unzip the file before using it.

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