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classic Pro version of smple.drk by skryingbreathnnYou need the cPro plugin by SkinConsortium.nnThis skin wouldn’t be possible without the inspiration taken from the following works:nn* SimpleDark Litestep Theme by chiwou: http://customize.org/litestep/themes/51173n* smple.drk modern winamp skin by skryingbreath: http://skryingbreath.deviantart.com/art/smple-drk-57919859n* smple drk Modd modern winamp skin by david2005l: http://david2005l.deviantart.com/art/smple-drk-Modd-71418513n* smple drk modd classic winamp skin by david2005l: http://david2005l.deviantart.com/art/smple-drk-modd-classic-72653663n* smpldrk mini suite Visual Style by bernadinho: http://bernadinho.deviantart.com/art/smpldrk-mini-suite-67085228n* smpldrk Styler Toolbar by flohri: http://flohri.deviantart.com/art/smpldrk-Styler-Toolbar-67289582
Designed by: verula on 2008-11-05T12:40:00-06:00

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