Helloween Winamp SkinnnSkin hasnnAnimated Fire -Really Cool!nn3 Pop-up Timed Pranks- Set timer 30, 60, 90 seconds to Scare next computer user with a Scary Face and Sound.nnHalloween radio station built in.nnSpecial Fire Effects also on Mouse over.nnAnimated Fire : Mike Winston -Winston GraphicsnnAdvanced Coding- 3 scare modes, Fire effects: Jory Compendio -LeechbitennSound Effects specialist. Code Mod -PJN123nnGraphics , Coding, Promos- Ralph Barber- QuadhelixnnWarning You will Scare people with this SkinnDownload Only if you know this.
Designed by: quadhelix on 2008-10-12T06:00:56-05:00

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