Music Show

Music Show has arrived.nnExperience Winamp in a whole new way!nnYou dont need cool plug-ins, this Skin has Cool NEW features built in!nnNew Album Art feature With reflection. (watch video) Plus+ Ipod like scrolling movement (video) Changer – 4 ways to make Millions of Backgrounds (video) Skins default backgroundn2. Grab your desktop picture + Zoom featuren3. Grab special backgrounds made just for Music Show http://www.gomusicshow.comn4. Or grab any picture and put it in there.nnSkin Focus (video) site just for Music Show http://www.gomusicshow.comnnLots more featuresnnQuadhelix – Main Design/CodernLeechbite – Main Coder – Playlist Plus, Image Changer, Skin Focus.nPjn123 , Slob – Coders Advanced AlbumArtnMartin Deimos – Coder Skin Updater , VisualizationsnnFrom All of us at Skin Consortium– Have fun with this.nnYou need the latest Winamp 5.53
Designed by: quadhelix on 2008-06-02T22:33:54-05:00

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