Winamp Azenis 2

A Year in the Making!nnNew Version with Playlist search & Lyrics support added 30/12/2007nnThe most useful If not the best Skin For Winamp EVER!nnAzenis 2 for Winamp is Finally here!!nnPjn123: Coding ,1001skins Promo & SC:CovernnQuadHelix : Skin Graphics and PromonnSlob : Rotational Vis, Graphics & SC:CovernnSo many New features , And So many Innovations!!nStretch the skin to see what we mean.nnAdd Components and Take away what you dont want.nYour going to need the 5.51 version of Winamp to use this!!!nnThanks to J.J. Ying For the Use of the Azenis 2 ThemennYou should use this with Windowblinds and His Azenis 2 ThemennHere is a list of features:n- Single User Interface (SUI)n- Integrated Playlist searchn- Integrated Lyric Viewern- Very cool Rotate Timeline Vis by SloB (updated)n- Most Advance Cover animationsn- View videos frame-by-framen- Rewind & FastForwardn- Move Eq sliders in groupsn- Integrated File Explorer can show the folder of the current playing filen- Lots of color themesn- ID3 tag viewern- File Info viewern- Advance Playlist information (helps filling a audio cd or mp3 player)n- Advance Video infon- Very cool PlayPos gadget: Bookmark a position in a songn- Timer that can shut Winamp down or wake you up with music playingn- View your Stored playlistsn- LOTS of settings for you to play with ;)nnHead over to to discuss this skin.nnNext project for me, Pjn123, can be found here:n
Designed by: quadhelix on 2007-09-09T14:51:12-05:00

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