7 Months in the Making, 1000’s of lines of code. Vortex was a big undertaking.n4 Modes all with new types of programming, you can discover.nThe Programmers Lead bynMartin Poehlman tapped into the core of Winamp to bring you All New Features that are very usefulnTeamnMartin Poehlman(main coder)nRohan Prabhu (Speakers/backlight)nJory Compendio (FullScreen)nK Chanria (Stick Stretch/Drawers)nKev Jaques (Layer FX/ grfx)nRalph Barber (First code/all grfx)nHttp://www.skinconsortium.com
Designed by: quadhelix on 2006-06-12T05:22:57-05:00

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