27 RGB Series

Back after a very loooong break. My first skin was Aishwarya Amp in 2002! Then I was 18 i guess..heh.heh. Thought i would skin some again.;)nnAbout this skin, what to say..! I think it is kindah new approach to classic skinning. Not sure if I have seen a similar layout before, but this I managed to dream up one fine day. As usual about 98% of the work done in Photoshop and the rest (visualisation colours and playlist colours) hand coded.nnMade in 3 tints – Red, Green and Blue.Red and Blue are available here:nhttp://www.deviantart.com/view/33813440/nnSo it is more than likely that you will find one that you can live with..nnOk tell me your opinions…
Designed by: magneto_ms on 2006-05-30T18:29:54-05:00

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