TRiO CS1570 [RSTD]

[Dedicated to Juan Jose Vendramin, my father]nnWell, this time im bringin you a version of the TRIO CS1570 Osciloscope. Im pretty sure that this cool device isn’t very popular, indeed i dont think anyone knows it because i guess its used by militars only, but oh well. The original pictures were taken by my father and i did the rest of the job, so its mainly dedicated to him. Only the most common and most frecuently used components of winamp have been skinned, because i dont really like the plugins available for winamp, and i don’t think they are really necessary.nnThis is what you get:nn:: Main Window skinnedn:: EQ window skinnedn:: Playlist skinnedn:: AVS skinnedn:: Generic Window skinnedn:: Mini Browser skinnedn:: Video Window skinnedn:: Library Window Skinnedn:: Custom Cursors made from scratchnnPlease comment!!! I Don’t care if you don’t rate me, but please leave a comment, i need feedback!!!nnThanks
Designed by: juann on 2005-10-19T21:59:07-05:00

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