TribalWar Companion Skin

for use with TribalWar.comnnMade for your visual utility:n-100% completely customized for Winamp versions 2.x, 5.x and MikroAmpn+-MikroAmp users will notice a customized “Now Playing” page in their library window.n+-Any user can point their minibrowser/now playing browser to for shortcuts.n-Images were used from the front page of and mixed w/overall TribalWar theme colors to create a consistent theme.n-The Cuttlebar (5 buttons next to main vis) and cursors were down-played to make way for more used features.n-“Hidden hotspots” were emphasized – “About Winamp” button in main window and 3 eq levelling buttons.n-All default, closed and empty states were filled and used for better transitions.n-Shortcut keys are displayed for quick reference.n-Region transparency was eliminated to provide contrast on all backgrounds.n-An avs preset to match the skin is extractable from the skin source file.
Designed by: dwarfvader on 2005-05-03T22:44:51-05:00

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