This skin goes with the Blue and Silver XP theme that is standard on all Xp Systems.nnThe skin does alot of neat little things-nResizes to fit on screen, slides to the right to hide (nice effect)nsnaps to the edge of the screen, Animated Eq cover, and More.nnUUL coded the Skin ResizernLeechbite Added the snap to edge and also tweaked the skin.nQuad – Graphics and coded all other functions.nn.Note: If you change Screen Resolution after opening the skin hit F5 to resize skin.nn..Also if you want to change the colors of this skin to a theme you got Try -Color Editornhttp://sawgweb.com/sawgstuff/winamp5/wa5_coloreditor_2_0_2.exenIt will show up in your skinnby right clickin on skin and then choosing Color editor
Designed by: quadhelix on 2005-04-11T20:57:40-05:00

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