Da Wall

A Dark Street, My Attemp for an original skin, Actually i realized that i have no graphic skills…but you can’t say it is not original :DnEnjoynn3 more thingsn1- The Windows Were Designed for being displayed in a special way, it’s your job to discover it :Dn2-The cursors are a bit diffucult to understand(or maybe not that difficult) you can switch them off in the Options menu (Ctrl+P)n3-I recomend to use this skin with a black bacground…and you can see the whole “scenary” if your screen is switched at 1024 X 768 pixels…nnNothing more…nAll GFX By me :DnEnjoy!and remember not to use any element of this skin for your own proyects without my permision…I’m not hard to convice so, you can email me An I will answer you shortly…nnComments To elargentodesign at hotmail dot com
Designed by: el-argento on 2005-04-06T00:33:18-05:00

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