Metaskins Team presents: GrayZna Winamp5 Modern Skin.nn2 modesnAll Components SkinnednUnique NotifiernThemesn7 VisualizationsnSpecial Effects & TooltipsnNew Features created for a skin Amazing usabilityn*Check the configuration window for daylight settings (auto/manual) for the glass overlay.*nn**Take a look at the Options/Preferences/Current Skin to seenhow GrayZ landed in Winamp’s world!**nnGraphics/Idea: VAG.nXML/MAKI Scripting: Flo (RontZ)nnSpecial thanks to:carlosP, SLoB,iPlaytheSpoons andnIcegod,VicB (themes)nnFind us at: http://www.metaskins.netnRegister to our Forum”Skin your Music”n© 2004 & ® All Rights Reserved METASKINS.NET
Designed by: vag on 2004-12-24T03:34:04-06:00

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