Compact, usable and stylish.nn- Main mode expands on hovern- Collapsable shade moden- Playlist shade moden- All components skinnedn- Integrated color theme switchern- Advanced notification windown- Multiple custom visualizationsn- Multi-state repeat buttonsn- Supports “Docked Toolbar” moden- Color themes for every desktopnnEnjoy the skin!nnGraphics & Coding:nR. Peter Clark – http://www.rpeterclark.comnnPresented by:nBreed – http://www.breedart.orgnn***********************nUPDATED: 1.1nIf the hover drawers are not your thing, try the new “Focus Mode” where the drawers open when you click on Winamp and stay open until you start using another program. Be sure to use Winamp 5.04 which has several important skinning related fixes since 5.03.nnNew Features:n- “Hover Mode” or “Focus Mode” drawersn- Option to lock drawers openn- Short intro animationn- Playlist selection color tweakedn- Added additional tooltipsn- Option to unlink shade positionn- Supports “Alternate Fonts”n- Option to “SnapAdjust” docked windowsn- Fixed several minor bugsn- Few additional color themes
Designed by: rpeterclark on 2004-08-02T13:13:01-05:00

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