Hals Eye

Hey Folks!nnThis skin was inspired by the “camera-eye” from the computer HAL9000 fromnthe movie 2001-Odyssee in space.It comes with over 70 colorthemes, a handyncustom Preferences window, a second layout and some more nice features younshould just find out yourself ;)nnAdditional Comment:nnI submitted it for the GUIOlympics, but it was disqualified because of thenbeta-version that was already in the winamp forums and on devart.nAnd before putting it to the trash because you don’t see itsnfunctionality, PLEASE read the manual! It’s five short steps, but they’llnteach you the WHOLE skin!
Designed by: rontz on 2004-06-08T12:53:10-05:00

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