Welcome to the Future of WinampnnThis skin was Entered into the GUI OLYMPICS but because there was a beta Version out to test it, it was disqualified. So Here it is in Full.nnSkin has So many New Features you are just going to have to explore Warp to get the best out of it.nn100 Million Color Themes (sliding color controls)nVis Studio integrated in main and shade modesnColor Morpher (Orbs)nTexture OverlaysnSleep Wake Timer/Countdown TimernNew Song ScrollernSong Notifier (IPLAYTHESPOONS)nOnline ManualnRivet OverlaynWinamp 5.03 upgradednnhmmm.. you find the restnnCoded By Jory CompendionGraphics some Coding Ralph Barber
Designed by: quadhelix on 2004-05-01T06:38:25-05:00

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