Advanced DVD Player

I’ve worked with this skin rather long time, so there aren’t very serious bugs in it. About small bugs you can report me on e-mail: [email protected] formats: DVD Audio, MP3, Audio CD, VCD.nUsed soft:n- Corel PhotoPaint 11n- Ulead PhotoImpact 7n- MS Paintn- MicroAngelo 5.0n- Region Makern- XnView 1.6nEverything skinned for WA 2.9nGraphics by Salamander.nSome ideas in equalizer part were adopted from Expencive HiFi skin. Thanks to Will Mooney.nSpecial thanks to Dejan Stancovic for help in development.n_____________________________________nThank you for downloading!
Designed by: jeca on 2004-03-03T21:36:04-06:00

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