ZDL AMP Classic

This is a special request skin from ZEE DUB LAB.nThis skin design as ZDL ANALOG STUDIO free-form Reel-To_Reel Machine, which is also available here:nhttp://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?id=3244n********nThis skin is “CLASSIC” wa-2 style skin. It is designed for latest winamp2.xx version or winamp-5.nAll views are skined, including AVS, VIDEO and Media Library.nMikroAMP skin included.n*****nAny questions, please contact Mike Zee aka Dr. ZEE here: http://www.mzentertainment.com/contact.htm
Designed by: mikezeedub on 2003-12-23T11:18:09-06:00

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