This skin now is updated for WINAMP-5.23!n***********nATTENTION! Winamp-3 users!nThis skin version is for new winamp-5 only. It may not work 100% correctly with winamp-3.nIf you use winamp-3, then you can download this skin version for winamp-3 here: http://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?skin_id=2741n******nZDL-AUDIOPHILE-5 Stereo System User Notes:nPlayer view: Big Knob – tubes UP/DOWN(hide tubes).nLittle Up/Down button above the tubes: Hot/Cool tubes switch (this makes tubes visualisation brighter/sharper or smoother/more transparent), try using this switch especially when changing color-themes)nPlayer has compact and mini view (use down/up buttons in the left top corner of the player) or double-click ZDL-title.nPlaying file info-line can be switched to BitRate/Mono/Stereo info (click on it to switch), also click-(i) button to pop media-file tag-info window.nOther buttons have hover effect , so you can see what are their functions.nEqualizer views: Normal, Advanced, Mini-View (seeker and balance control), Analyzer View and Super-Analyser View.nDouble Click ZDL-Title in EQ viw switches view one way or the other depending on what view you are.nDown-Button in the right-top corner of Normal-EQ view switches it to Analyzer-View.nAnalyzer view can be switched into larger Super-Analyzer (push up/down-button above analyser screen).nAnalyzer has four color-settings (color-button): gold, green, blue and multi: green/gold/red.nSuper-Analyzer also has Mode-Button, which switches analyzer screen from Classic Bare Mode to Dot Matrix Mode.nReceiver-AMP component has six buttons – access to other windows/components of winamp-5, it also has fine-step volume adjustment control-knob.nnNEW in this version:n1. Updated for winamp-5 functionsn2. Player and Visualization control in all windows/componentsn3. Color Themes and Brightness adjustment themes (evening light (darker), normal, day ilght (extra light))n4.NEW!!! Big Analog style ZDL-Audiophile VU-Meters component. VU-button located on the left above big knob in the Main Player view. Or you can always access VU-component from main menu.n***********nIf you have any specific questions, contact Mike Zee aka Dr. ZEE at this page: http://www.mzentertainment.com/contact.htm
Designed by: mikezeedub on 2003-12-21T07:43:58-06:00

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