ZDL ANALOG STUDIO-5 for winamp-5n(NOW UPDATED FOR WINAMP-5.23nnSTOP! ATTENTION!nThis skin is for new WINAMP-5 only! It may not work correctly in winamp-3, or some features will not be functional.nWinamp-5 now available at www.winamp.comnIf you do not use winamp-5, then you can download winamp-3 version of this skin here: http://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?skin_id=2750nnThis is ZDL ANALOG STUDIO-5 (special update of original ZDL ANALOG HOME STUDIO 1.0 now for WINAMP-5)n******************nThis skin has two player vews: full – Reel-To-Reel machine and compact-casstte view (to switch between views push yellow button ,nlocated inbetween the reels, or double-click ZDL-AMP title, to switch back to reel-to-reel view: push yellow button (top-right corner)nor again – double-click ZDL-AMP title).nBig Knob is “Z”-button: ZEE DUB LAB component Button, which also gives you access to vary winamp’s functions and it has fun “Dr. ZEE mini-band animated visualisation.nnSix buttonts, located under six-track metter are access to vary winamp’s windows/components. All these buttons have hover effect, showing button’s functions.nThere’s also media-file info button: pops up ID3 tag of currently playing file if available.n**************nWhat’s new in this version for winamp-5?n1. Special internet TV button, which oppens Media-Library and desplays internet-TV list.n2. Now you have player control and Visualization control (previous, next, random, options and full screen visualization mode) from allnwindows/components.n3. Color themes. If you wish to change the look of the player – try them (main menu/options/color themes). The most useful arenbrightness adjustment themes: try these themes: “Evening Light” (a little extra light), “Rainy Day” (more light), “Sunny Day” (brightest),nthe default (Normal) theme is the darkest.n4. New rollers! Analog’s VU-metters now have lights (on when playing).n5. Analog VU-metters and six-track metters now actually respond to volume level :)n6. NEW! Big Analog VU-Meters component. Push the button under VU-meters in Reel-To-Reel View or under casstte visualisation in cassette view. Big VU-meters component also has six selectable visualisations screen, push selector-buttons under the screen to select visualisation.nnIf you have any specific questions contact Mike Zee aka Dr. ZEE from this page: http://www.mzentertainment.com/contact.htm
Designed by: mikezeedub on 2003-12-19T07:42:11-06:00

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