ZDL GOLD STACK Component System for WINAMP-5

NOW UPDATED FOR WINAMP-5.23!n**********nZDL GOLD STACK component stero system for winamp-5 is based on previously released ZDL-GOLD STACK for winamp-3.nThis version was re-designed to work correctly with winamp-5.nIt has now player and Visualisation control in PL, ML, VIS and Video winows. Dedicated internet-TV button, more color-Themes, some minior issues were fixed as well.nFormer “Thinger” now converted into Tube Audiophile style Receiver-AMP. This component has access to vary winamp-5 functions and special fine-step volume adjustment knob (clik left side of the knob – fine step volume-down, click right side of the knob-fine step volume up).nReceiver-Amp’s tube also has visualisation effect and on/off-effect for play/pause/stop status.nIn compact-view Receiver-Amp has a timer, showing playing time position while playing and current time (clock) when player is in “stop” status.nCompact-view Receiver also has horisontal stereo audio-meters.nAnalog style VU-meters in CD-plus-Cassette player view now actually reflect audio-level of playing file.nIf you have any specific questions, please contact Mike Zee from this contact page: http://www.mzentertainment.com/contact.htm
Designed by: mikezeedub on 2003-12-17T20:09:24-06:00

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