Complex Rock

A skin inspired by Blue Man Group’s Complex Rock Tour. I really can’t explain what they are so I won’t even try. This skin includes-nn-Skinned Winamp 2.9 componentsn-Mikroampn-NUMBERS.bmp and AVS.bmp for older versions of Winampn-Animated cursorsnnCursors demonstrate some of the BlueManGroup Rock Movements. If the cursors are not to your liking, there are instructions for removal in the readme.txt.nnP.S. I designed the vis area for the oscilloscope instead of the bars.nHope ya like itnnAlright, the cursors are now included in the skin file, sorry for the inconvenience, I had a brain cramp.
Designed by: jjpotter on 2003-11-22T03:54:45-06:00

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