Sektion 7

// Sektion 7n// – Version 1.0 by KaiKonn// I only invited you in. You’re the one who tookn// the step inside.nn// This skin is for WinAMP expert users. If youn// are new I suggest you learn the layout ofn// WinAMP a bit better before you start using thisn// skin.nn// 3+ Months work has finally paid off. And I amn// happy with it. I just hope someone will enjoyn// using it as much as I have enjoyed making it.nn// Skinned:n// – Main Windown// – Equalisern// – Playlistn// – MiniBrowsern// – AVSn// – Winshade Modes (All)nn// For providing me with entertainment andn// inspiration, I would like to thank:nn// – The Mars Voltan// – Spartan// – Incubusn// – Funeral For A Friendn// – Coheed & Cambrian// – Dashboard Confessionaln// – Musen// – Hundred Reasonsn// – Placebon// – Athleten// – The All-American Rejectsn// – The Darknessnn// Sektion 7 (c) Copyright 2003 KaiKon// – Contact: [email protected]
Designed by: joe.harlow on 2003-10-14T09:35:22-05:00

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