Venom 5nnUpgraded for Winamp 5nnNew LooknNew Shade featurenNew Stationsnn”Feel The AMPS”nnSkin was designed and coded bynRalph Barber “QuadHelix”nHttp://www.quad-helix.comnnThanks to:”The Plague”nfor Coding Electricity Boost, Poppler Placement 2.nn”Whatsitsname” for help on skinnnSkin Features:nnCustom Vis with peak electrical overload.nnCustom AVS’s (download)nn5 winamp radio stations built in: Rock/alternative, Metal, Techno, HipHop, Country (all in a hidden drawer)nnElectricity AMP boostnn170 Color ThemesnnMini son modennsliding EQ drawernnand more….nn(Some features only work in win XP and win 2000 Also songticker and timer will look bigger in wa3.)
Designed by: quadhelix on 2003-10-06T17:59:21-05:00

 Download Skin

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