Scare AMP

Scare-amp (side-amp halloween) be Afraid be very………..nnBuilt in Scare mode: set timer to scarennBuilt in Timer that has a BEEP noise, also a Stopwatch and a Clock- (24 hour)nn150 color themes including holidays (Halloween ect..)nnScare-amp is optimized to run on lowend machines.nnBass and Treble sliders built in.nmuch more…nnSkin Graphics ,some coding:nRalph BarbernnMain Coding:nMC^^^^nnSCARE Function and Timer TWEAK:nThe PlaguennMake sure to disable “options/always on top” function (when not scaring someone ,this makes side-amp more useful), enable it when setting up a scare.nnWindows 98 and ME there is a bug in winamp that wont let you see the real font you should be seeing. If your font is not a digital LED font and is a windows default font you might have to download newer version of winamp, or get windows XP!!.
Designed by: quadhelix on 2003-09-05T15:03:27-05:00

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