Here is yet another skin from music2u4u.I know some of you think I submit too many skins,but I love makin’ um.I spent more time on this one and am trying to do more freehand work with photoshop.Less beveling and gradients since some have a problem with those effects.All windows skinned and Mikro.Mbinner and .htm also.Just a note…some of you out there have been very hard on a newby like me,we are all just human,none of us are perfect and we must be kind to one another in order to survive.Give some of us a break and try to remember when you first got started skinning.We all need incouragement not ridacule,and if you are going to rate someones art work,be optimistic and not so pesimistic and try to see the beauty in others art,even if it is different than yours.I just want to thank all of those who have so kindly given of themselves for no gain or money,but just want to share with others.Thank you deeply for your art and the freedom to give it.I enjoy all the skins I download here,even if I don’t think I will at first,they kinda grow on you.So…peace to all and I hope you enjoy this new skin,God knows I am trying to please everyone…lol.
Designed by: music2u4u on 2003-08-26T05:41:57-05:00

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