This skin is a remix of Leonardo C. Alves’ “Oceano Player ­ Caribe”:n 2.9x windows are skinned.nnWinShade it!nnWhen I first saw the Oceano Player ­ Caribe, I was stunned… this was possible with WinAmp 2 ?nIt looked so different from the usual.nI am not much into futuristic glossy designs, but that one I used for while.nWith the remix contest I saw my chance to modify this original skin and make it fit for my personal purpose.nI rarely use the WinAmp playlist. My tool for organizing my MP3 database and creating playlists is MEXP ( , a corresponding MEXP skin will be available soon).nSo I decided to make a player that would look complete without / with shaded playlist.nnTo get the ‘normal’ view of a tiny golden MP3 stick put the main window in normal mode and the playlist and equalizer in winshade mode.nChameleon comes in 12 different shapes, depending on whether the playlist is included or not, and which windows are in winshade mode .nEach single shape gives you a different looking player, hence the name Chameleon :DnnHope you enjoy it.nnThank you Leonardo for your great work,nThank you Jellby for the Skinner’s Atlas, the probably most used skin 🙂
Designed by: zwylle on 2003-08-05T14:05:38-05:00

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