Frank Lloyd Wright: Remix

The brilliance of F.L. Wright prarie style Art Glass gives an air of timeless sophistication to winamp.rnrnMost of the glass on the skin is inspired or directly copied from glass panels designed for the master architect’s 1909 Robie House.rnrnThis skin is a Remix of Garet Jax’s “Slick Series 5″rnrn transformation is nothing less than radical- yet the connectionsrnpalpable through the preservation of the essential composition elements. The original’s “binocular” shaped frame – with the centered volume bar tucked into the bends. The horizontal readouts over the “binoculars” The original EQ bar assembly has been barely touched- only round frame and color changed.rnrnEnjoy.
Designed by: Xerxes on 2003-08-05T14:06:16-05:00

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