WP-x Remix

This is a remix of ‘WP-x 278 integrated circuit’ by Leonardo C. Alvesrnrnhttp://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?skin_id=2290rnrnThe volume and balance work the same way as the original (analogue). To use them, place the cursor on the dial, click-hold and pan left or right, as if there was a slider there (or just use the mouse wheel if you have one). I thought I should mention that because analogue controls seem to cause a lot of confusion.rnrnThe cursors have not been changed in any way, and (apart from me being too lazy to make my own) you’ll see why.rnrnThanks Leonardo C. for giving me permission to do this remix.
Designed by: wsmooney on 2003-08-05T14:06:15-05:00

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