Aquamp ’03

A remix of the Bullgawd’s classic “Aquamp.”rnrn original comments read:rnrn”Since the advent of svga, man has tried to do something useful with his computer, such as turn it into a fish tank. Well, this is just one more step – I’ve given you a lovely little aquarium through which to channel our favorite sounds. The skin includes a single AVS preset and supports mikroamp as well.”rnrnTo which I want to add…rnrn”and since the progress of computer graphics man has endevoured to make his digital aquariums more realistic. To that end I happily present the remixed ‘Aquamp ’03.’ Using real fish, real backgrounds, real toys… I hope that this skin brings home the musical desktop aquarium experience like never before. In addition to the original AVS preset this skin includes the brilliant original animated cursors, all new windows skinned, new mikro skin, and is compatable with all existing builds of WA from 2.95 downwards. (as far as I know.)”
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2003-08-05T14:05:34-05:00

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