The Hollow

Original skin – “Nostromo” by Atmo, remixed with his permission, you can see the original at many thanks to Atmo for letting me mangle and mutiliate his work!nnAlso thanks go out to the skinlove folks, in spite of the fact that we’re competing, it doesn’t hinder the fact that they gave great comments, suggestions, and help as per usual; you all are great, really :DnnWhy did I end up picking this one? I loved the mad detailing, and wanted a challenge, God help me, to try to preserve most of the detail and yet pull some of the main elements into focus, and add my own style. What you get is what it might look like after lying under dirt for several years, and plant life starting to overtake it :p As per usual for me, it’s at least in part symbolic, and partly inspired my music, in this case “Hollow” by Pantera.
Designed by: dimichan on 2003-08-05T14:06:17-05:00

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