I llama You

I LLAMA YOU – WINAMP GREETING CARDnSummer 2001 EditionnnThis summer will be hot !!! Wanna send your sweetheart warm summer feelings ? Wanna tell your enemies who’s gonna be whipped next right after your holidays ?nnIt never has been easier – adjust the EQ settings to the message you want to send, and save the setting by clicking onto INBOX and selecting Save/To EQF. Now send your created EQF file along – tell the receiver to download this skin and click onto INBOX Load/From EQF – voila, your winamp greeting card is there ;)nnMeanwhile, watch the sea rocking to your favorite music and feel the sand rippling over your skin – enjoy a cool drink at the beach while the winamp greeting card does the rest for you. Isn’t life just wonderful ?nnenjoy !ncyana
Designed by: cyana on 2003-07-11T20:58:14-05:00

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