(This Skin will soon be updated for winamp 2.9)nnThis skin is based off of the early 20th century non-sensical art movement known as “Dada”. The aim of the artists involved was nothing less than the destruction of the art establishment of the time. Furthermore, the Dadaists pioneered modern art-they freed it from the “Tyranny of the Eye” by introducing conceptual art. Another dadaist invention was the photo-collage: amalgams of photos and refuse put into artistic constructions. And it is this style that I have attempted to emulate here.nn”Dada is the chameleon of rapid and self-interested change.nDada is against the future. Dada is dead. Dada is absurd. Long live Dada.nDada is not a literary school, howl.”nn-Tristan Tzara, Dada Poet
Designed by: Xerxes on 2003-07-07T23:28:13-05:00

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