The Tony Hawk Amp

There’s a boy outside, trying over and over again to get more ollie height out of his crappy old ToysRUs skateboard. He’s been at it all morning.nn”What ya doing son?” I ask him.nn”Practicing,” he tells me. “I want to be Tony Hawk some day…”nnFrom the readme:nn=============================nDedication:nnThe TH amp is dedicated to two guys. Firstly to my son, who is the biggest Tony Hawk fan in the free world… thanks little guy. Second is Tony Hawk himself, for being the best at what he does and for showing him that if you want something badly enough to work your butt off for it, you can have it. Thanks for being somebody he can look up to. (I am much happier seeing his little face poking out from under a skateboarding helmet than a “gangsta cap.”) I guess that kinda makes you my hero too. ;)nn=============================nnAll the boards, bits, and wheels pictured herein are real, all by Tony’s company Birdhouse Skateboards. Pop over to and check them out.nn~Adder
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2003-06-30T18:04:49-05:00

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