Cyber Dimension (updated)

Update!nI decided to update it right after the first submission. Nothing serious, just little modifications in particular in the metal area of EQ and PL (now it is identical to that of Minibrowser, LIbrary and AVS). What else… Uh, posbar and couple of buttons also have been fixed. So here it is. Skin is pretty complicated, has some nice graphics, needed a lot of work and effort, but the result is satisfactory. In my opinion looks best if set against black background.nI just tried to create something original, probably I made it, I don’t know. The skin is fully functional (everything is skinned) and supports winamp 2.9. Update your “Cyber Dimension” if necessary and enjoy cyber music…nnIbraim SoltonbaevnnCyberdimension is something that unites many people. It is a world of digits. In fact if you’re reading this text you are a part of cyber dimension…nFor more information, refer to the readme.txt in the skin.
Designed by: cyberstranger on 2003-06-25T13:43:01-05:00

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