skin name: biocrossnauthor: cleanupndate started: 2003-04-15ndate finished: 2003-05-03nskinning time: 8 hoursnprograms used: mspaint (75%)nphotoshop 7 (20%)nnotepad (5%)nncleanup’s description:nnDudeness… that’s like… cleanup, right? Dude, he’s so dead hot. I mean – and lookit his skins… they’re like… gangsta.nnBiocross is my first skin for FEWGroup (, a digital web-based artgroup.nnDedicated to all the hardcore skinners out there. You guys are inspiration.nnAll components are skinned, including 2.9 components. Main, EQ, PL, MB, AVS, ML, Video, and an exclusive Biocross “prototype.”nnhelp/credits:nncazsius, for all of his suggestions andnstuff.natmo, for all of his crap and stuff.nand suggestions.n883, for his physically-absententy,nbut mostly for inspiration. =)nncleanup’s rant:nnCheese is cool.nnTHIS SKIN IS HEREBY COPYRIGHTED UNDER THE COOL, THE PINACHE, THE TRES-CHIC AND SO ON CLEANUP, THE HELD HIGH-IN-ESTEEM. DON’T EVEN TRY TO RIP THIS THING, BECAUSE IT CAN BITE THRICE AS HARD AS YOU CAN – MAYBE MORE. IT’LL BITE YOUR LASER POINTER OFF, CHEW IT UP, AND MUTILATE IT WITH A CHICAGO TRIBUNE. DON’T TRY IT, SCREWBALL.nnThanks for downloading. You rock the casbah.nnCopyright © 2003 Parker “Cleanup” Davidson. All Rights Reserved, Including Whapping People With Chicago Tribunes.
Designed by: Cleanup on 2003-06-18T23:07:33-05:00

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