skin name:nkyaelannauthor:ncleanupnndate started:n03-22-2003nndate finished:n04-01-2003nnskinning time:n5 hoursnnprograms used:nmspaint (60%)nphotoshop 6 (35%)nnotepad (5%)nncleanup’s description:nnThis is a brand spankin’ new collaboration project called “Kyaela” with an ol’ buddy named cazsius. This was one of his old skins, and there is an oldschool version, but it was basically bunk, with the bugs, and the crap, and the stuff nobody wants.nnSo I decided to remake this bugger, because it was a sweetass skin, and I messed it up in the oldschool version, so I had to make it up to cazsius.nnNo witty comments today, people. Sowwy. Because I love this skin too much. You should too. Or your various body parts will be… erm… you get the drill.nnAll components are skinned, and Kyaela is Winamp 2.9 Beta-ready! Whoa, it sounds like 1999. Media library is skinned, along with basic components (Main, EQ, PL, MB, AVS).nnThanks for downloading.nncleanup’s rant:nnThis skin was my first skin where I really used Photoshop to a substantial amount (I’m an MSPaint pimp), but it was still created without layers. About the only thing created in Photoshop was the buttons and the indents.nnTHIS SKIN IS COPYRIGHTED UNDER ME. CLEANUP. THAT’S RIGHT, THE GENERALLY CLUELESS YET STRANGELY IRRESISTIBLE POSTER-CHILD. DO NOT RIP THIS SKIN, POKE IT, HURT IT, ANNOY IT WITH YOUR OWN UGLY FACE UP YOUR OWN UGLY BUTT, OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND GOUGE YOUR EYES OUT WITH A POTATO PEELER, AND SOON MY NAME WILL BE PRINTED BACKWARDS ON MY FOREHEAD. GODDIT?nnCopyright (C) 2003 Parker “Cleanup” Davidson. All Rights Reserved, Including Gouging Eyes Out With Potato Peelers.
Designed by: Cleanup on 2003-06-14T14:13:18-05:00

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