Avril Lavigne Kicks Ass

(Compatible with Winamp 2.91 version)nAll made by Adobe Photoshop 6.0.nThis winamp 2xx skin is dedicated to all winamp 2xx users especiallynto all Avril Lavigne’s fans out there.nI’ve tried not to cover Avril’s pic as much as i can without sacrificenthe skin’s design, but for you who don’t like the cbuttons covernAvril’s pic right on her face (although i made it transparat), inprovide another version of cbuttons.bmp that doesn’t cover Avril’snface.nTo change the cbuttons, just extract the skin zip file (after younrename the file’s extension from .wsz to .zip) into a folder innwinamp skin directory and rename cbuttons_facefree.bmp to cbuttons.bmpnand then choose this new skin, i hope you like it 🙂
Designed by: andi846610 on 2003-05-25T14:40:13-05:00

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