Titanium Canary

….::: TitaniumCanary2 for Winamp 2.90 :::….nnWinamp 2.90 is out with a very useful media library. So inwent out and designed a new skin for it….This new skinnis totally redesigned and has many pluggins skinned…nnThese are the pluggins skinned:nn* Advanced Visual Studio (AVS)n* Albumlistn* Covertag(Gen Plugin)n* Enhancer(DSP Plugin)n* gs_lyrics(Gen Plugin)n* MikroAmp skinn* tms_VU pluggin(Vis Plugin)n* Winamp Library(for v2.90)n* Video(for v2.90)nnLook out for the Blue version…Goin to work on my site…nso no more skins from me for next 2 months…nn….::: Wobbles 2003 :::….
Designed by: w.padayachee1 on 2003-05-01T17:40:42-05:00

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