The Big Yin

From the readme file -nn”Outrageous Scotsman… one-of-a-kind showman… the world’s most popular comedian. The Big Yin is all those things and more. Billy Connolly is a musician, an actor, and a comic. His style and outlook on life are truly unique. Safe to say there is no-one else on the Earth quite like him. This is probably a good thing.nnWhenever I’ve had some down periods in my life, throwing on a Billy Connolly vid or album has always helped get me through… so this is my thanks to the man for putting out all those words and all that humor for me to have when I needed it, and for reminding me that sometimes you just need to shout “F**K OFF!” at the top of your lungs. 😉 Dedicated with the greatest respect and admiration to the Big Yin. Thank you Billy.nnBe sure to check out Billy’s books, albums, and vids. Find them on ebay,… and while you’re at it, pop in to to see what he’s up to.”nnThe guy is fantastic and deserves his own quality skin. This one should be compatable with all 2.xx builds, and remember, I did this one for myself… but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Ta.nn~Adder
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2003-04-29T23:24:46-05:00

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