Beacon (winamp 2.9 compatible)

This skin is a port of the beacon Windowblinds-skin by Mike Bryant.nPermission to release this skin was recieved.nnFollowing windows are skinned:n- Mainn- Playlistn- Equalizern- AVSn- Minibrowsern- Video (version 2.9)n- Media Library (version 2.9)n- MikroAmp (plug-in)n- Amarok (plug-in)n- VidAmp (plug-in)n- Cover & Tag (plug-in)n- SidAmp (plug-in)n- AlbumList (plug-in)n- EasterEgg (built-in feature)nnThanksn——nMike Bryant for this beautiful SkinnTiman & Laurent for their VS-portsn¤db¤ for his great WinAmp-skins & tutorials (I’ve learned a lot from you)nDesign Technika² & Hardwaregeeks community
Designed by: jim-phelps on 2003-03-25T09:45:39-05:00

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