skin name: cardiaquenauthor: cleanupndate started: 01-02-2003ndate finished: 01-26-2003nskinning time: 7 hoursnprograms used: mspaint (90%)nphotoshop 7 (5%)nnotepad (5%)nncleanup’s description:nnWhat’s that you say? “Cleanup’s back?!”? Yes! He is! Unleashed with him is a brand new skin entitled “Cardiaque”! For he, unlike you, does not smell like fish, and can do wonderful things with MSPaint!nnThat’s right. Cardiaque was skinned ninety-percent in MSPaint. Don’t believe me? Go stand in front of a cement mixer.nnThe secret is subliminal messages. Figure it out. A few individuals know what I’m talking about… Those with the brain capacity to wear deoderant to get rid of that fishy musk.nnAll components are skinned. Main, EQ, PL, MB, AVS…nnThanks for downloading.nn(C) 2003 Parker “Cleanup” Davidson
Designed by: Cleanup on 2003-03-25T09:43:15-05:00

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