A skin without polutionnnNew-CLEAR V1.0nIt’s small, it has Shade Mode,nAll it’s components are skinned,nit includes 20+ Color themes,nit has 5 options in visualizationnextra menu…….nit is New-CLEAR skin.nnThanks to all guys from winampncommunity that helped on thencolor themes wich are included,nSPECIAL THANKS tonEric aka (FrisbeeMonkey)nfor Coding it’s XML andnMAKI and adding some greatnextras on it like Vis Menu.nnSoon you’ll find us overnwww.metaskins.netnnGraphics VAG (me)[email protected]/MAKI Eri[email protected]
Designed by: vag on 2003-03-22T05:11:49-05:00

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