PowerPak 007 Deluxe

NOTE: RECCOMMENDED FOR POWER USERSn==================================nnThis one is the second version of Powerpak, featuring fixes and changes I wanted to make plus a few based upon feedback from the original. Like the first, all aspects are featured on seperate stackable, snaptoable windows. The joy of this is that it allows you to run PPCx as anything from a fullblown skin laid out to any specs you like, to something as simple as a 32×32 icon sized single window. All that power and customizeability packed into a 32×32 square… cool. 8)nnAnother joy is that you can turn off alpha, minimimize the windows you don’t want or need, and actually reduce your system useage to the point of negligibility. It’s possible to set up PP007 and use less sysresources than you would running WA2. Go figure.nnCHANGES from PP007 – The major change is in the graphics department. With the original PP007 I wanted a sleek, spygadget look. People seemed to like this, but again and again I was besieged with requests for some colour. Therefore this time I elected to go the other way with a softer “leather” look. Still similar, but softer and a bit more colourful.nnAnother graphic change is the buttons, which have gone from green push buttons to sleekish ones that feature working lcd lights above.nnThe major change however, has been the addition of the “Dummies.” These eight windows have no function other than to be snapped into your skin, giving you, the end user, much more artistic control over the final layout of your design. Coupled with the new “Horizontal” and “Vertical” options for the main control windows, you now have some impressive geometric possibilities available to you.nnSnap it, stack it, or hide it all. No matter how you play with it, I sincerily hope you enjoy PP007.nn~Adder
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2003-03-20T20:26:33-05:00

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