PowerPak 007

Introducing PowerPak 007. This one is, to the best of my knowledge, the first WA3 skin to feature every single aspect as a seperate, stackable snap-toable window. The joy of this is that it allows you to run PP007 as anything from a fullblown skin laid out to any specs you like, to something as simple as a 32×32 icon sized single window. All that power and customizeability packed into a 32×32 square… needless to say a certain British secret agent sprang immediately to mind. Another joy is that you can turn off alpha, minimimize the windows you don’t want or need, and actually reduce your system useage to the point of negligibility. It’s possible to set up PP007 and use less sysresources than you would running WA2. PP007 is recommended for advanced users and/or those who are comfortable navigating WA3 using right click, as it is primarily designed with rc in mind. All window open/close functions, for example, are controlled from the main menu and accessed by right click.nnStack it, rack it, arrange it as you wish, choose the windows you want or lose them all. Hell, hide it in amongst your icons if you so desire. No matter how you chose to play with it, I hope you enjoy PowerPak 007.
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2003-03-17T23:57:13-05:00

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