Kenwood Z838W

Some of you will remember my last Alpha Test skin,well it never really got out of it`s Beta(+)status,and because of my job,i will never be able to finish it,not in the next 8 months,so i thought i will give away this skin to an author of my choice.So if you are interested in continuing my work please apply via e-mail.n______________________________nLike all of my skins,this one is no exceptation,and is based on the real Kenwood Components,like the Z838W Headunit and the KGC-9044 Equalizer.n______________________________nIF SOMEONE WANTS TO FINISH THIS SKIN APPLY VIA E-MAILnUNTIL I HAVE FOUND SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF THIS SKIN,NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PARTIALLY COPY,RIP OR PUBLISH THIS SKIN WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
Designed by: Bartekk on 2003-03-17T18:28:33-05:00

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