Modeled after the AKAI MPC2000 MIDI Production Center…nnAside from the original AKAI MPC3000 v3.1, the MPC2000 v1.72nis one of the strongest pieces of outboard gear AKAI has ever made.nThis sampling drum machine is widely used by some of the worldsnbest producers and performers.nnBy far, a “must have” in ANY and EVERY studio.nnhttp://www.mp3.com/[email protected][email protected] of 12″ vinyl can be found at most online record stores, or you can contact me directly.nnThanks to everyone for your continued support over the past 10 years. More wax on it’s way.nnChris MarchesenForce of Habit Productions
Designed by: forceofhabit on 2003-03-08T18:55:57-06:00

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