Halo Amp

Changes From 1.0:n-EQ Grid Removed, as well as the slidersn-Dead Blue Team Member replacing Legendary Logon*I personally don’t use the EQ, so this less cluttered version of Halo Amp is perfect for those not interested in the EQ Sliders.nnFrom 1.0:nI thought a Xbox Halo skin that wasn’t made with an automatic skin maker was in dire need. Blood Gulch is situated in the background with Master Chief in the foreground. The HUD for Halo is implemented into the blue buttons and display. Hope everyone enjoys.nn**Also Check out Halo Amp v1.0 for EQ Sliders.**nhttp://www.1001winampskins.com/skin_details.html?id=2909
Designed by: nelsonmm on 2003-02-27T17:56:38-06:00

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