Official SkinnnThis is VAG’s first attempt in WinAMP3 skinning art. The Metal look of the skin with the animated Equalizer and Animated playlist Editor component makes it look like a portable device.nThis might be the 1st time that a skin has animated Playlist Editor that is locked with the skin interface. “Thanks to Adam BoatRight (aka Da_Pipe) for this great script he wrote “following” my ideas on interface/design/usability of the final skin look.nnThe skin has Scale option (50-400%) and Opacity option (10-100%) When the Playlist Editor is open “active” the scale option is disabled, and when the scale is other than 100% if PL button pressed scale goes to 100% and appears the Playlist Editor.nnWe hope you like the design and the appearance of the skin, in the future we might make a V2 of it with color themes included and many “goodies” more.nPS: Manual includednEnjoy your music andn_.feed your imagination._ http://www.vagdesign.comnContacts: VAGn[Graphics] [email protected] Boatright ( aka Da_Pipe )n[Code/Maki] [email protected] and share the skin, enjoy your music and _.feed your imagination._nVAG
Designed by: vag on 2003-02-10T12:24:56-06:00

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