Slimline XP (initial)

The salvaging of my original “Slimline” skin got me re-interested in finishing my XP version as I envisioned it all those months ago. Unfortunately, now that I near the end, certain aspects of the community and the culture are really starting to get me down. I’m tired… and yet I’ve done so much and come so close that I felt I owed it to me and the rest of you to at least release the skin as it sits. It’s 99% done. It has two/three buttons that I haven’t found a use for yet, I didn’t finish skinning the basics that make up the backgrounds for some of the components, and I wanted to drop some more Easter Eggs in. (It has one hidden easter egg, called the “b*tchfest,” where I tee off on a certain fool that’s been pestering me because he thinks it’s funny. 😉 See if you can find it.) Other than that it’s completely functional and finished.nnI know, I’m being maudlin. Hopefully you enjoy this as it is… and I make no promises but I hope to get enough “oomph” up to finish and release the final version once I get some ‘hozro’ back. Meanwhile…nn~AddernnNOTE TO THE UNOBSERVENT(CHANGED): Screenshot is of one small section owing to size constraints. The skin is a toolbar. 1028×32.
Designed by: e-blackadder on 2003-02-10T03:11:43-06:00

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